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Wheel Class Automotive and Hot Rod Parts provides a full line of Second Skin products to our Canadian customers, nation-wide. To place an order or to inquire about pricing, please call our store at 905-892-1290 or visit us at our Fonthill location.

Second Skin provides the best sound deadening products in the world, without exception, without compromise and without fear of the competition.

Whether you are building a hot rod, restoring a classic muscle car, building an audio system monster, or trying to give yourself a bit of silent luxury on your daily commute, we have a product or combination of products that will help you achieve your goals while saving money and save time.

Bed Liner

This is the strongest single system bed liner on the market. Unlike all the other Do It Yourself bed liners, our product is water based, very low in VOC`s and requires no top coat to look good and stay strong. Where most DIY Bed Liners are nothing more than 1 gallon of heavy paint, our DIY Bed Liner is 2 or 3 gallons of fully functional polymers that will rival the best professional systems on the market!
Damplifier & Damplifier Pro

The first step in sound deadening is vibration control. This is because over 60% of the noise in any car is structure borne. Kill the vibrations, and you kill the majority of the noise. Apply one of our foil backed damping mats to the interior sheet metal to destroy unwanted road, engine and exhaust noise. If you only want to use one product, it should be Damplifier or Damplifier Pro!
Thermal Ceramic Coatings

Looking to spray your way to a cool and comfortable car? Firewall and Firewall Sludge are both amazing thermal coatings that can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun to reduce the internal temperatures of your automobile by as much as 30%.
Luxury Liner & Luxury Liner Pro

First, Damplifier and Spectrum kill vibrations, Now it is time to target specific, strategic areas of your car to reduce to most stubborn air borne sound waves, rattles and squeeks. Not everyone will use these composites, but if you`re looking to achieve luxury car silence and acoustic comfort, they are a must!
Overkill and Overkill Pro

The above listed barriers; Luxury Liner and Luxury Liner Pro are our bests noise barriers but they are heavy. If weight is a concern, Overkill and Overkill Pro are your answer. Apply these closed cell mats on top of our Damplifier or Spectrum dampers to filter out airborne sound waves that are able to penetrate the layers below. This is one of the fastest end easiest way in improve your sound deadening investment.
Heat Wave and Heat Wave Pro

Apply one of our thermal acoustic insulation mats on top of Damplifier or Firewall to reduce and dissipate stubborn convectional heat. The thermal shields are foil backed, light weight & flexible, perfect for reducing heat and noise generated from engines, exhausts or the summers sun.
Motor Mat & Motor Mat Pro

Looking for a thermal acoustic hood liner to help reduce your cars unwanted engine noise? Look no further than Motor Mat and Motor Mat Pro.

When applied on top of a vibration damper like Damplifier or Spectrum, These products will absorb and reduce obnoxious engine noise to help make your car cool and quiet.
Rattle Isolation Foam

Rattle Pad is a very light open-celled acoustical foam designed to go between your cars upholstery trim and sheet metal frame. We coated each side of this acoutical foam with black urethane facing for moisture and dust protection as well as noise filtration

When applied to the back of OEM or custom upholstery, it creates pressure that isolates the trim from the metal, preventing rattles and limiting the passage of unwanted sound in to the cabin of your car.
Installation Accessories

We have everything you need to insure a proper and easy installation:
-Spray Adhesive
-Hand Roller
-Upholstery Knife
-Undercoating Spray Gun
-Upholstery Clip Remover
-High Temperature Foil Tape

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